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  • News

    • 2017 11.30
      The company relocated "best wishes

      The company moved to Shenzhen Baoan District Yingtuo on October 10, 2005 (Baoan District Xixiang Hui Huang Guang Tian Industrial Park), in recent years, all our colleagues in the company's leadership, unity and enterprising, enthusiastic, ushered in t...

    • 2017 11.30
      Global PC market third quarter shipme

      October 9th news, according to foreign power reports, market research company IDC and Gartner on Thursday released the global third quarter PC shipment report. The two companies also pointed out in the report that the global PC market is st...

    • 2017 11.30
      A new two-dimensional code laser mark

      In 2005, the company launched a new concept of laser marking machine, which was approved by BMW in the automotive field. It is mainly used to mark two dimensional codes on the surface of the automobile control board....

    • 2017 11.30
      Launch a new patch machine

      In 2002, the company has launched the first domestic production and assembly of the patch machine in Shenzhen Sha Tau Kok, which is supported by the users of the industry....

    • 2017 11.30
      Ying Tuo Electronic Technology (She

      In 2001, Ying Tuo Electronics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen Sha Tou Jiao factory, and inspiring for production of solutions for the majority of electronic enterprises....


    About Us

    MPI Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd founded in 2001, the company set research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of high-tech Hong Kong enterprises.With high precision, professional, "integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy and quality, perfect service, based on the SMT industry. We mainly laser engraving machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic printing machine, for clients to optimize the production process, improve production efficiency, achieve the goal of "high quality, high efficiency"...



    • Contact number:

      深圳:0755-27516780 0755-27516306


      info@mpifa.com mpifa@163.com

      Company address:

      Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan District Huang Hui tahika Industrial Park B Building 2 floor

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